Why choose us

Having grown and evolved with the digital marketing space over the last decade, we have what it takes to successfully shape and promote your brand, giving you positive, tangible results. Our team understands branding and SEO, so we got all requirements covered — from marketing material to launch a new product to a slew of blogs to be part of the user discovery journey.

Consistent Quality

With editors checking every word that's shipped out, we ensure the quality of the sample we first send you is maintained until we see the project through.

In Sync With Strategy

We don't just put words on paper; we ensure that the words communicate your brand and meet your marketing goals, from SEO to conversions.

Experienced Team

Our team is a mix of writers who’ve worked in print and online media and communication experts who are great at whipping up copy to match your brand objectives. Exegy has worked with start-ups looking to grow quickly through content marketing and large businesses focused on driving customer loyalty.

10X Traffic Growth

Learn how we grew organic traffic of India's largest online legal services provider from just 30,000 to close to 400,000 per month with great content and loads of SEO effort.


Talk to us about new work

We're totally location agnostic. We have clients based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, Atlanta and San Francisco. Where are you at?