Why choose us

Our team of experts has handled multiple websites receiving over 5 million in monthly organic traffic. At Exegy, they’ve helped three brands at different stages of growth achieve their SEO goals in the first half of 2018. From content optimisation to backlink development, we can improve your website’s SEO at every stage.

Thorough Research

We know there's no quick fix to 'SEO' a website. Before we even get started, we'll do a complete audit to let you know the traffic potential, time required and steps to get you to the top.

Content Optimised

Since we're such wizards with content, we do more than the technical SEO bits well. We can write content that works for your customers. Watch your bounce rate plummet!

Experienced Team

SEO is a difficult business, with constantly changing rules, intense competition and a lot of effort. Our team, both at Exegy and prior, has done it all, from turning around falling rankings to maintaining top positions. We recently helped a small Hyderabad-based manufacturer win an SEO race against some of the largest multinational companies in its sector.

Beating MNC Rivals

Find out how we helped a local up-and-comer beat international rivals, such as Butchi (established in 1943), IKA (1910) and Fischer (1902) in just three months with a world-class SEO strategy.


Talk to us about new work

We're totally location agnostic. We have clients based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, Atlanta and San Francisco. Where are you at?