Why choose us

Your website needs a unique user experience that is smooth, seamless and captivating. Our team has diverse experience building online experiences that give you an advantage over your competitors. Our digital marketing expertise also ensures that your website is fully in sync with your business requirements, so that more of your visitors turn into customers.

On-Point Branding

We help you communicate your brand loud and clear to your audience, so your website doesn't just look great, but is part of your communications strategy.

Device Agnostic Design

Our websites are fully responsive, with an intelligent user interface. So no matter what the device, the browsing environment is always superlative.

Experienced Team

Our team is a mix of writers, designers and UI/UX experts who’ve worked with brands large and small as well as print and online media. We can build you a website that matches your brand objectives. Exegy can help you think through the web experience, design your web pages and code them into existence on Wordpress or custom development.

10X Traffic Growth

Learn how we grew organic traffic of India's largest online legal services provider from just 30,000 to close to 400,000 per month with great content and loads of SEO effort.


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We're totally location agnostic. We have clients based in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Singapore, Atlanta and San Francisco. Where are you at?